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Since 1997...

Improving client processes - and profits - by the exacting application of proven methods and tools of technology

Meeting client objectives by applying expertise across technologies, industries and where it really counts - the business objectives that are the foundation to project success.



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You will always find Third Wave where leading-edge technology meets proven business practice and the coldest light-of-day measurement: return on investment. Contact us anytime for an eye-opening, no-obligation and jargon-free consultation:

The Third Wave approach to business software development

We help our clients improve profits and reduce expenses using formal methods and proven technology to automate processes, integrate disparate systems and meet myriad other business objectives.

Our job is to take manual processes and make them automatic. Whatever form it takes - call it middleware, process streamlining, or just getting the operations' database talking to the one in finance, or in France. Success is measured against enduring business ROI objectives: increased profit, reduced expenses.